Still At It

om’s shadow returns his thumbs-up during another session of peeling off shingles.  We are getting better and better at it, and hopefully can finish our part by this weekend.

he roof boards under the shingles are various sizes, and look like they came from different sources.  Many are thick- a full inch; some look like old barn boards, some look like railroad lumber, some are tongue and grooved.  I enjoy looking at their arrangement which I presume was based mostly on practical concerns.  It calls to my mind the wood collages of Minnesota artist George Morrison and the quilts of Gee’s Bend, both of which’s arrangement of found materials or ‘scraps’ I find very inspiring.   If you like the quilt image you might enjoy the book: The Quilts of Gee’s Bend: Masterpieces from a Lost Place by William Arnett , Alvia Wardlaw, Jane Livingston, and John Beardsley.

Photo credits:

middle image: George Morrison “New England Landscape” 1965-67

Photo Credit: Detroit Institute of Art (Used on the cover of their 2007 Annual Financial Report)  found via

bottom image: Mary Lee Bendolph, Work-clothes Quilt, 2002, denim and cotton, 97 x 88 inches. Collections of Tinwood Alliance.   Found via

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