Friday’s Bouja Prep

om and I scrabbled to finish fabricating a motorized stirrer for the Bouja kettle we bought on Friday morning, and then met our faithful helpers at the Legion at noon.  Dom started out by roasting the meats and getting the stock going, while others chopped veggies.

<Here my aunt helps cut the meat after it has roasted and cooled.

I gave my friend Red and my sister Paula some fashionable googles to help with the chore of cutting up the onions.


But alas, Red’s enthusiasm soon caught up with her.








My Grandma Giroux and my mom dug into the dough making and gave Red’s son Marcel some pointers on how to knead dough.  \/Resulting in one flour-coated little boy. >

And Marcel’s dad, John, who is an electrical engineer, graciously helped Dom finish wiring up the motor for the Bouja stirrer.








I will post pictures from the first weekend of BOUJA tomorrow and if you didn’t get in on the fun this last weekend, consider joining us this coming weekend for Round 2!

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