The Final Weekend of Bouja was a Smashing Success

fter Dom tweeked our gas burner set-up on our Bouja cooker, it worked like a champ the second weekend.  The four foot long stainless steel paddle we bought with the kettle also came in handy stirring the 10 gallon stock pots, as we didn’t have a spoon long enough to stir those either.  My sister Paula, excitedly stirs the bouja on the stove with it \/.






We had a lot of help from out of town this weekend; my friends, the Pelowski family, drove all the way from Morris MN.  Here Bill Pelowski checks the bouja in the roaster and his daughter Bri shows off the squash apple soup I made.

Many of the volunteers enjoyed making some beautiful soup art with the sour cream garnish and the squash soup.

Here, Fiona Herson  > shows off her dad’s creation:


My friends, the Herson family, came up from Minneapolis.   Here Patrick Herson and James Dean serve up soup and jokes from the kitchen:

My aunt Cindy and my cousin Jeff came from Alexandria to help out.  Here Cindy and my friend Max fix up some fresh bread to serve people. We made all the bread at the Legion and baked it throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday, so that we could serve it hot out of the oven.

We also made more beads for the staircase we’ll put in the barn out of the clay from the farm.

My mom and sisters sculpted a bead for each of the veggies in the Bouja recipe. >

The volunteers also enjoyed making beads with us,

here Tina and  Isaiah Pelowski try their hands at it:

Lots of people came the second weekend, including my great uncle Leander and some of his children who grew up on our farm:
Over both weekends combined, we had about 350 people join us, and sent them home with 379 bowls.  Thank you to all who joined us for the second annual Bouja for the Barn, it was a great success!  If anyone would still like to purchase a little extra bouja for your freezer, shoot me an email at as I have some left over.  Also, those of you who wanted a bouja bowl and could not come this year, check this website in mid December for the opportunity to buy some online.

See more pictures from the event by clicking here.

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