Back at it with Grandpa!


Grandpa and I finally dug our heels back into the barn, assessing the many other posts in the front of the barn.  We need to pour footings under, and replace or doctor several more before we can pour a new floor.  Yesterday, he told me we need to start with the lowest one, where the bottom of the post rotting away from manure and whatnot, has caused the beam above it to sink a little.   It has sunk enough (maybe 1 or 2 inches) that we don’t want to crank it back up to level all at once, as it will be hard on the  barn.  So we started by lifting the low spot with our trusty cast iron jacks (man they’re beefy!) just a half an inch.  We couldn’t really lift it more than that because of the amount of bales still over the top of that area in the hayloft above.  So I may have to get those remaining bales out of there before I can fix the posts below.  First things first right:)?

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