Exciting news to share….

The Central MN Arts Board accepted my grant application to purchase 5 electric wheels so we can host a pottery class at the barn!  Many thanks to the Central MN Arts Board and the McKnight Foundation for this grant, I think you will be very proud of what becomes of it!


CMAB_logocolorhighresIf you are interested in coming to the farm to take a class or workshop, you can find scheduled opportunities on this website this summer and fall, or better yet, if you haven’t added your email to Anne’s mailing list for classes, let her know by emailing her at meyerfarmproject@gmail.com.  If you are not sure, shoot her a line to check.  If you have received Bouja invitation emails, it does not mean you will also receive emails about classes unless you’ve asked for them.

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1 Response to Exciting news to share….

  1. Lynn says:

    That’s great news!!!

    Lynn Fisher
    Sent from my iPod

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