Last minute Glazing



ow proud I am to post this picture of some old friends who came to help glaze Bouja mugs, Lisa Carlson and Jessica Haugen.  What a blast to have them in the barn!

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The Honey Wagon



hat’s what some call a manure truck.  Our lack of animals at the farm the last ten years plus our continued heavy gardening has brought us up against some soil depletion.  My dad had asked me to keep my ear to the ground in search of some of the valuable stuff.  So when my mentor, Richard, offered me some sheep manure, I said yes, please!  My poor boyfriend’s truck got tarped along with our trailer, and we hauled 5 loads the last two Sundays.  I think this will make the gardens happier.  Thank you to the Bresnahans for their generosity and to Colin for his willingness to help.

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Get those carrots out of the ground before it freezes!!



y friends, Aremy and Larissa and their wee ones, came to help excavate the carrots from the garden yesterday.  The carrots did quite well this year, there will be plenty for our Bouja fundraiser.  My mom washed them en masse in her trusty old ringer washer.  Behind her you see blankets full of carrots drying in the sun.

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Barnyard Update



ell, the shell beans are already done, and the chickens are getting big.

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Save the Date for BOUJA 2014!



he next Bouja for the Barn, our annual fundraiser and community dinner, is scheduled for October 24, 25 and October 31, Nov 1 at the American Legion in St Joe.  This year will be a little different as we will be open Friday evenings and all day Saturday, and I am making lots of mugs as an option for guests who have enough of our bowls:)  If you would like to help out with it, email me at

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Licorice Wall



een having a blast building this half-wall with hydronic tubing.  It isn’t L-shaped, I just couldn’t fit it into one picture.  Since the floor is much higher in this small portion of the downstairs of the barn, and I don’t have room to add heat to the floor, I had to think creatively.  The wall will be filled with a mixture of clay, sand and fiber, which will act as the thermal mass for the heat tubing.

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If you missed my last two exhibitions…..

pitcherYou can see lots of new work of mine this weekend at the Un-Fair, adjacent to the Powderhorn Art Fair.  Saturday 10am to 6pm and Sunday 10am to 6pm, at 3524 11th Ave S. Mpls, MN.  

Come say hi!

Here’s a link to the Facebook page for the event.


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