Here’s Something Strange…



his is an image of what precipitates out of our grape juice after we can it.

It feels as hard as nails, but breaks apart into gritty granules if you chomp on it with your teeth.

Any scientific types out there know what it could be?

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Black Raspberries

hese buggers became ripe the last week also.

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It’s another Chicken Summer

chixWe’ve been raising meat chickens every other summer, and last summer was our summer off.  This year, my wily brother-in-law convinced my folks to try a new breed.  They are called Freedom Rangers (oh my!) and we got them through the Freedom Ranger Hatchery of Lancaster, PA.  We’re hoping they get around a little bit better than the standard white ones we have raised, although we’ll see how easy they are to catch come September;)   My grandpa asked me if I was the one who painted them brown, but I told him, you know I only sling barn-red paint.


My niece like to kiss them on the beak when the adults turn their backs:)

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The Harvest Begins….

snipToday, Mom and I picked beans for the first time and filled 2 five gallon pails!


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A Wave of Babies



 am in the habit of painting onesies for the most special of the deluge of babies in my life.  The latest is for my sister and brother-in-law’s upcoming kiddo.  I just mix 1 part textile medium to 2 parts acrylic paint, and heat set it with an iron when it’s dry.

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Happy 4th of July!

stumpWhat did you do for the Fourth?  We spent the vast majority of it digging out the first of the three large stumps from the box-elders we felled last fall.  My sister and her husband were fantastic help with a pilemerciless job.  Using hatchets, axes, trowels, shovels, pry bars, and chainsaws we excavated each root and dismantled the twisted tangle piece by piece.  Why do we do it this arcane and arduous way?  Because we are Meyers.  And because it’s free and it prevents the lawn from sinking in as the stump and its roots rot away.



Dan danced down the dirt as we shoveled it back in.

And with the sod replaced, there’s hardly any sign of the bugger left.

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Reminder of Opening this Sunday

showJust a reminder, me and Mary Bruno’s show opens this Sunday, with a reception from 1pm to 3:30pm.  Artist’s introduction at 2pm.   Thanks to Glenn and Lynnae for the beautiful flowers!



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