Barnyard Update



ell, the shell beans are already done, and the chickens are getting big.

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Save the Date for BOUJA 2014!



he next Bouja for the Barn, our annual fundraiser and community dinner, is scheduled for October 24, 25 and October 31, Nov 1 at the American Legion in St Joe.  This year will be a little different as we will be open Friday evenings and all day Saturday, and I am making lots of mugs as an option for guests who have enough of our bowls:)  If you would like to help out with it, email me at

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Licorice Wall



een having a blast building this half-wall with hydronic tubing.  It isn’t L-shaped, I just couldn’t fit it into one picture.  Since the floor is much higher in this small portion of the downstairs of the barn, and I don’t have room to add heat to the floor, I had to think creatively.  The wall will be filled with a mixture of clay, sand and fiber, which will act as the thermal mass for the heat tubing.

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If you missed my last two exhibitions…..

pitcherYou can see lots of new work of mine this weekend at the Un-Fair, adjacent to the Powderhorn Art Fair.  Saturday 10am to 6pm and Sunday 10am to 6pm, at 3524 11th Ave S. Mpls, MN.  

Come say hi!

Here’s a link to the Facebook page for the event.


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Iron Red Glaze


After testing 10 or so recipes off the internet for this type of iron-based red glaze over the past half year, I finally got the results I’ve been seeking.  The red color comes from the crystallization of the iron during the cooling of the kiln, which is the tricky part.  The general consensus on the internet recommended a hold at a temp between 1600 to 1650 degrees, but I found I needed a hold at 1800 degrees to produce any red.  Here it is on a coffee-maker for a friend->  I wanted this to be one of my new Bouja glazes for last fall’s fundraiser, but it didn’t work out in time, so it will be one of the beautiful new glaze offerings this fall.  And here’s the recipe and the firing schedule that I ended up with:

Touchtone Red 

31 Gillespie Borate
30 Flint/Silica
20 Custer Feldspar
14 Talc
5 Edgar Plastic Kaolin
15 Spanish Iron Oxide
4 Bone Ash

Firing Schedule:

200 degrees an hour to 1100
300 degrees an hour to 1975
108 degrees an hour to 2175 with a 15 minute hold
cool at 500 degrees an hour to 1800 an hold for 60 min
remainder cooled naturally
Note: You need the proper thickness to get the reds to show, where it is too think it is blackish, and where it is too thick it acquires this scummy gray green speckling over top of the red color.  I would describe the thickness as normal or average application.  Sorry, I don’t have a specific density.  
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