New Pins for the Whitby Show

pinsMade some new pins for the show opening next Sunday….

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Poster for Upcoming Exhibition at Whitby Gallery in St Joe!!

Re-Planting Re-Planting

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pileatedLast week,

while carving mugs for the upcoming show, I looked out the back of the barn to see a magnificent pileated woodpecker.  I promptly decided to add him/her to a mug.   I was delighted to see it because there is usually a pair that  shows up each spring, and I was afraid removing the dying box-elders from the back yard might mean they wouldn’t come back.

A few days later, I thought I heard its call, grabbed my camera, and tracked it to a tree, only to find a flicker in it.

So this morning when I saw it through the window happily eating bugs out of one of the new stumps, I quickly snatched the top shot.  I enjoy adding animals and plants that I share the farm with to my pots.

Kitsutsuki (pronounced kee-tzu-tzu-kee, is the Japanese word for woodpecker), gotta love the Japanese penchant for onomatopoeia🙂

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Waiting for Asparagus

asparagusWe’ve been watching these guys stretch upwards and are incredibly excited about our first meal of asparagus just around the corner.

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Rhubarb Tidbit

rhubardMy grandpa taught me something about rhubarb (which he calls Pie Plant) I thought I’d share with you.  He said an old Irish woman told him that the indication of when rhubarb is ready to start being taken in the spring, is when the edges of the leaves change from flat to ruffled.  Taking it too soon would mean the rhubarb was even more sour tasting.   I found some earlier leaves down low, pictured on the left, and some newer leaves on the right that illustrate the difference.  I can’t wait to make a rhubarb pie!

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Ruining Children…

treelicker1. My folks trimmed several trees in the yard, including a couple young sugar maples they planted years ago.

2. The sun evaporated the running sap from the missing branches into sugary droplets.

3. My visiting niece was encouraged to lick the maple bark, prompted by demonstrations from me and my siblings.

4.  We watched to see if she would test out any other trees when we weren’t looking.

5.  Success!

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Making New Pieces for a Show in June


ere’s goosecoffeean image of a coffee-maker I finished carving yesterday in it’s green-ware state (unfired, unglazed).  It is for a show I get to do with St Joe printmaker, Mary Bruno, at the Whitby Gallery of the St. Ben’s Monastery from mid June through July this summer.  Mary and I have titled the show, Replanting Roots, and I will showcase my recent carved pieced beside Mary’s drool-worthy linoleum prints.  The perfect pairing huh?

Click here to see Mary’s website.


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