oofta!  Thats what I have to say.

Dom and I started de-shingling the barn on the 17th.  Much of our first few days was getting a system figured out, getting used to the climbing equipment and making sure we were safe.  After prying off the original cedar shingles circa 1935 with potato forks, we pounded or pulled all of the nails, and then replaced rotten roof boards with new ones.  We had to pick up a bit of rope and gear to do this job, but Dom already owned two full-body industrial harnesses and was trained in their use in the wind industry.  With several layers of safety back-ups, I felt relatively comfortable on the roof thanks to Dom’s background and expertise.

Dom and I decided to spend the time tearing off the old roof to save money and for the satisfaction of doing the work ourselves.

My Mom and Dad also pitched in by attacking the parts they could reach from scaffolding.

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