Edible Weeds

ne day when I was a kid, me and some siblings were weeding in the garden when my grandpa stopped by.  He asked us why we weren’t eating the weeds that we were pulling out.  We looked at him like he was crazy and he continued, pointing to a particular weed and claiming it was delicious.  After we watched him eat some, we tentatively tried it and found it was alright.  At some later point I looked up the succulent’s name which turned out to be purslane, and occasionally nibbled on a little bit when I was in the garden.

Just a few weeks ago in a restaurant in the cities, I ordered fish with seasonal greens, and was surprised when it was served with purslane.   I guess it is unusually high in omega 3 fatty acids as well as other vitamins and minerals.  Find out more about it’s nutritional value here.  Currently there is a blanket of it covering our garden, as it seems to be ahead of the pack in the ‘weed race’.  Here’s a photo of the plant:

Try it and see if you like it!

Grandpa says where he comes from they call this plant Creeping Jenny.

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1 Response to Edible Weeds

  1. Rebecca O'Gowen says:

    I swear I used to pull that out of our sidewalks growing up all the time, huh learned something new today.

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