The New Roof is On!

esterday, Jerry Imdieke and his son Jacob finished putting on the second side of the new roof on the barn.  The money we raised at last fall’s Bouja will just cover the cost of the metal and Jerry’s labor.  What serendipity! Another sincere thank you to those of you who attended and helped make this possible.   The metal on the second side, facing away from the road were mis-cut pieces that my aunt Jan helped find for me, at a significant cost reduction.  I said we would take whatever color she could find, and honestly, I prefer this side to the plain side facing the road.  I think the stripes of neutral colors look rather handsome set off by the red trim. Jerry said that’s because I am an art teacher who likes things with ‘character’.   My grandpa has referred to it as the ‘zebra barn’, and my dad says it reminds him of Steve Urkel:)   I’ve been telling people my barn will be like a mullet: Business in front, party in back.  To celebrate our accomplishment, I think I’ll start by buying Dom a beer at the Legion.  Here’s a before and after comparison shot:

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7 Responses to The New Roof is On!

  1. Anne Barber says:

    I love it, Anne. The stripes are terrific!

  2. Christy Schwartz says:

    I think it looks awesome Anne! What a difference you’ve made in one short year. Congratulations with being done with that stage of the project!

  3. Sarah Hinkle says:

    That is awesome!! Congrats! I’m very impressed 🙂

  4. Rebecca O'Gowen says:

    I’m with you Anne, I like the stripes.

  5. Tina Nahan says:

    Anne, This is AMAZING!! I am so proud of you & what you have accomplished so far 🙂

  6. David Paul Lange says:

    It looks fantastic, Anne! Congratulations!

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