It Certainly Seams Sew

o I haven’t been up to anything worth posting about the last two days, as I have just been cleaning and teaching.  My mom, on the other hand has been sewing up a storm.  She decided to make some sundresses out of the back log of material in the attic, and she made each of these two dresses in just a morning!  If you wonder why I have such a proclivity to do things myself, this should illustrate half of where it comes from.   The patterns she used were New Look 6860 and McCall’s 9580.  What a skilled lady!

You should also know how difficult it was to get her to allow me to post this.   He he he.



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1 Response to It Certainly Seams Sew

  1. Tina Nahan says:

    Your Mom is the best!! I miss “my” Meyer family (boys included). This is just awesome Jackie. It would take me oh about 20 years (and I’m not a kinding ya either) to do just 1 dress. 🙂

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