Pruning Raspberries

ell, we didn’t really get any raspberries this year.  We have quite a few plants of both red and black raspberries, but something went wrong.  Our guess is the extremely warm week in March prompted them to start the growing season, only to get bit by the remaining frosts and cold weather.  They normally bush out with leaves reaching up as tall as last year’s canes, but this year there was only a meager amount of leaves, just on the bottom third of the canes, if you can see it in the picture.  

Only a couple handfuls of berries helps remind you to appreciate the years they bear a lot, and go through the effort to pick them all.

In the spring, usually before they leaf out, you cut off last years cane’s that look dead, leaving the ones that still look lively.  This year we didn’t get to them until quite late.  Grandma helped us with them while Grandpa was helping my brother check his bee-hives.

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