Moving Hay

n addition to digging and processing clay, I have also been working on emptying the hayloft.  After reposting my ad in the Peach, I found a hog farmer in Avon, just down the road, who was interested in the alfalfa bales filling our loft.  He and I have been loading them on trailers 100 to 500 bales at a time for the past two months.  So far we’ve moved over 2,000 bales and there is still a bit to move.  The majority of the bales are out, yet I wonder if I will ever see the loft empty.  On the up-side, I have made the acquaintance of some new muscles…

Here’s a pic of the loft before we started moving bales out>

And here’s a recent snapshot of our progress \/

I asked my friend Dana why people like being in haylofts and barns so much, and she said, “It’s because they feel like they are in the belly of an upside down ship.”

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