Another round of glaze tests

  he second test bowl I fired on Tuesday yielded some nice results.  The glaze base with varying amounts of iron added looks good, especially the 7-10% range.  I think we will do a tenmoku glaze for the bouja with a shingle ash base and maybe the iron that Dom made from the metal remnants of the barn.  However, the ash plus clay recipes that I tried again, this time with ‘green hole’ and ‘black hole’ clay from the farm, still are bubbly.  I think it is due to the presence of alkali in the ash.

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2 Responses to Another round of glaze tests

  1. That bright blue glaze is stunning!

  2. Maybe the bubbling is from the clay? Is there bubbling in glazes with no farm clay? I was using Gillespie Borate as a flux for the Nuka and I got tons of bubbling. I did more reading on and it said Boron fluxes are volatile over cone 6. Once I switched to Calcium fluxes (whiting, bone ash) bubbling went away, even though I keep ALL alkali in the ash…and I like glazes 3-5!!

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