The First Glaze Firing

onday I hauled 250 of the bowls to the community gas kiln owned by the Paramount Visual Arts Center.   I also mixed up several batches of the final glazes for the Bouja bowls and crossed my fingers that I had them dialed in well enough to unload good results.  I should have snapped a picture of loading the kiln to show you, but it was a long day and I forgot to.  Anyway, I got all the bowls glazed and loaded, and Tuesday I fired them.  Here’s a shot through the peephole at the pyrometric cones potters use as a temperature gauge.  You can see the pots and the cones are glowing with incandescent heat, but it is only about 1500 degrees at will get much hotter and brighter.  The cones are made of ceramic ingredients and help tell the potter how the pots are maturing in the heat, as they bend over when their maturation point is reached.  Below is a cone pack of fired cones in front, and unfired behind.

Cones correspond to a temperature but it is dependent on how fast you’re firing.  I was firing these bowls to cone 10 which in this firing meant a final temperature of 2270 degrees Fahrenheit in an 11 hour firing.

Wednesday, while the kiln cooled, I moved all the bisqued bouja bowls to the gas kiln site.  I am very excited to see how the glazes come out and hopefully will be able to unload the kiln and post some pictures of them on Friday.  Below are the bowls I moved to the kiln today, about 2/3 of the total number:)

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