Pouring Footings with Grandpa

ast week, my grandpa helped me pour some new concrete footings for the replacement posts in the area where we removed the concrete trough.  Luckily the original builders of the barn poured deep footings beneath the slab under the original posts, so we just had to tie in our added concrete to the existing.  We did this by drilling holes into the old footings with a hammer drill, and placing large nails into them, with a few inches in the old concrete and a few in the new pour.  In the top of each pour we placed an anchor bolt that raises two or three inches above the top of the footing.  We will drill a corresponding hole in the base of the posts that is a few bit sizes larger than the bolt so we can slide the post over it, preventing the post from moving.  We secured the form for the act of filling it with concrete, by nailing it to the longer board you see, and nailing that to wooden stakes we drove into the dirt.   We used load-bearing, structural grade cement and though the bag said to wait 3 days before building onto it, my grandpa said we must wait 10 days.

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