Check out what we’re making at the Bouja-









o I dreamt up this great art project for the barn that we are doing with the people who come to the bouja.  We need to build a far more substantial staircase to the hayloft in the barn, and I thought if I could get a lot of people to sculpt clay beads with faces, I would then line them up on metal rods to be used as the spindles in the banister for the stairs.  In the picture above of the stairs I have drawn, the small white circles would be the clay beads.  


We brought a big tub of clay that we made from the deposit at the farm to the bouja and are asking people to sit and make some with us.  Besides human-like faces on the beads, we’ve got a menagerie of animal forms and faces so far, and even a few dragons and zombies:)


It looks like it might take us two boujas worth to make enough beads to fill the stairs, but so far people have been having such a good time with it.  It is fun to be able to show people what the farm’s clay looks and feels like in a raw state.

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