The new posts are in!

midst all the prep for the Bouja, last Wednesday, my Grandpa and I installed the posts we prepared on the footings we poured.  I wasn’t able to get all four sides finished with my beeswax finish yet, but don’t they look great?  I found a recipe online a year ago or so that I like to use to finish wood.  It is 1/3 beeswax, 1/3 linseed oil, and 1/3 turpentine.  I melt the wax in a double boiler and then stir in the oil and turp.  You can then rub it into your wood while it is molten or also after it re-congeals.  You can buff off the extra and shine it up with a stiff wool cloth.  It gives a great soft, natural finish to the wood, and more can be applied if needed in the future.

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