Full circle

y great-uncle Leander farmed at our place before retiring and selling it to my father.  When we asked him if we could make him something out of the clay at the farm, he said he could make use of a coffee mug.   Last week, he picked out one with the glaze made from the shingles which he watched being put on the barn in 1935 as a teenager!  He said it took just two men two days to shingle the entire barn.  He also said that they looked just like a typewriter sliding back and forth, and their efficiency was awe-inspiring.  I would have liked to have seen it.

He also stressed that his dad was adamant about using quality materials that would last and had a good contractor who was very particular.  Leander said they demanded that the cedar shingles used be red cedar and must come from Canada.  Perhaps because the grain was so straight and clear coming from the forests of Canada that it made the job of splitting a shingle easier and the job go faster.   At any rate, I am thankful the roof kept the barn in such good shape for close to 80 years, and I have my great-grandfather to thank for the barn’s ability to be around for another 80.   Here’s to forward thinking, and taking pride in your work!

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