Kegging the Wedding Brew

This last weekend the boys kegged their Maple Sap/Belgian Blonde Brew for my sister’s wedding this coming weekend.  Joe picked up a 5 gallon soda canister off Craigslist and bought a new set of O rings for it.

cleaningThey cleaned everything in an oxidative cleanser called PBW (Powered Brew Wash) for an hour (since it was all quite clean), and then raneverything through an acid/contact sanitizer StarSan as well.  Sometimes people let equipment soak in PBW overnight for tougher jobs.   When everything was finally sanitized, they syphoned the beer into the keg, capped it, and hooked up a CO2 canister to it.  They cleared the head space of the keg of the normal air for 30 seconds, filling it with CO2 from the canister, and then set the pressure to 15 lbs for the week.  That should make it nicely carbonated for the groom’s dinner at the farm on Friday.  We all got to taste it again and it has us decidedly excited.


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