Back at the Post Work


Check it out.  This week I built my first mold, mixed the concrete myself and poured my   < first footing on my own.  I asked my grandpa if I would offend him by tackling one without his direct supervision, and he just laughed at me.  He stopped by just as I was finished mixing the concrete and tubelooked things over, and then a few days later asked me if the concrete worked.  When I looked at him blankly, he said with a sly smile, well, did it get hard??   It did.  And it always feels great to gain new practical skills.  My uncle Joe also dropped off a donation of a large coil of in-floor heat tubing for the floor!   And my aunt and uncle, Jan and Joe, gave me few pallets of cabinet fronts!  I am lucky so many people have kept me in mind.

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