Honey Making


esterday I helped my brother-in-law Dan check the hives at the farm he’s taking over from my brother Joe.  Now is supposed to be the time of year that the bees fill up a lot of frames with honey, but ours aren’t doing as well as we expected.  Maybe its the cool weather.

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2 Responses to Honey Making

  1. Nita says:

    I just read the article in Central mn womens magazine , very interesting so I looked up your blog. We just spun honey today from 3 hives that we have up north by Aitkin. ( we live in Little Falls) anyway we got 5, 5 gallon pails! We let them sit a day or two so some the impurities come to the top before we put into jars. My daughter is getting married in Oct and we are giving Honey as gifts for the guests. We hope to get a couple more pails full from our hives here.

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