elecIt may not look like much, but the new power line to the barn and these new electrical panels and outlets will consume most of the funds we raised at last year’s Bouja.  The old panels you still see will be removed after the electric company hooks the power up to the new panel.  Many hours of scraping windows and bureaucratic road-blocks have left me feeling very stymied this summer, but yesterday, I finally felt like I was moving forward again.   The new electrical set up will enable me to fire the bouja bowls at the farm for the first time over the next two months.  These beautiful gray boxes offer me peace of mind and creative capacity.  Who-hoo!

I spent several hours scrubbing the dirt and manure off the walls and floor in this corner of the barn in preparation of the electrician’s visit.  I was pleased to find the tongue and grooved wall boards appear to not need sanding, just an intensive cleaning before adding a protective finish.  I can’t wait to scrub and refinish the walls because man! do they clean up nice!  But that is a few steps down the road….


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