Friday’s Bouja Prep!






ast week was crazy leading up to our annual fundraiser Bouja for the Barn. We had so much good help with Bouja preparations Friday evening.

<My little friend Marcel helps his mom and my grandpa Dee peel carrots as his little sister takes everything in. (top right)

New bouja friends, Jenna and MJ, > IMGP1697help my cousin Chad chop carrots.




<The whole place stung with onions in the air.



Dom, at home in the Legion’s kitchen.

IMGP1711 Processing the meats>

My sister Missy in the back of the picture is due tomorrow! and still came out to help on Friday.



Me, constantly checking my All-Knowing-Red-Folder.

Dom and my brother-in-law, Dan, kneading the bread dough.  (Both potters, they make excellent kneaders.) \/IMGP1719

If you missed out on the fruit of these labors this weekend, be sure to stop by this next weekend at the American Legion in St Joe to taste our delicious Bouja and see the beautiful bowls we made this year from the farm.  We serve our homemade soup and bread all day (11:30 am to 6:30 pm) Saturday and Sunday.   It’s BOUJA TIME!!!

Pictures of the weekend’s festivities coming tomorrow….

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