Bouja Prep

breadmakingThis year’s Bouja is overwhelming me with pride as it grows into its own beast.  My student Jackson was taught by my grandmother, the wily Dee Giroux, how to make bread from scratch .  The conversation these (three) had while mixing up the bread dough Thursday night should have been recorded, it was the most hilarious thing I have witnessed in a while.

domDom and his mom joined us again for the fun, roasting 60 pounds of meat for this weekend’s batch.  My dad, in fact, would like you to know, Bouja is not so much a soup but rather more of a meat stew.  I would like you to know the beautiful table decorations the last two years are all Dom’s mom, Rhoda’s, efforts.  Thank you Rhoda for making the Legion such a welcoming space!

zoelilyLots of kids were in tow for Bouja Prep, including my goddaughter, Zoe.  She and her mom, by best friend Aremy, are thrilled to be able to participate in their first Bouja, as they live in the Netherlands these days.  I am ecstatic to have them around.


Thanks goes to all my friends and family who make this crazy endeavor possible.  Watching all of you become friends through our annual affair makes it all worth it.


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