Installing the Boiler

meandmikeWhen we decided to put the new boiler for the barn near an adjacent shed, the boiler seller told me I would have to find someone with a Bobcat to help me get it onto its foundation slab.   So I asked my fantastic uncle Mike if he would be willing.  For those of you that think that I have too much energy, you should meet my spunky uncle.


Last night he stopped by after work and he, my folks, and I wrangled it into place.boiler It was difficult to get it over the hydronic tubes, and started doubting that it was possible without kinking the tubes, but we finally prevailed.

Here’s the beaut with my relatives to provide scale———>

For those of you who did not receive my emailed Bouja invitation and update, the funds from the last Bouja were used to purchase this boiler, covering about 80% of its total cost.  I am working towards finishing the bottom floor of the barn by next fall.   Thank you to all who have come out for soup and pottery in support of this project.

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