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Feeding those self-motivated folks information…

Rhubarb Tidbit

y grandpa taught me something about rhubarb (which he calls Pie Plant) I thought I’d share with you.  He said an old Irish woman told him that the indication of when rhubarb is ready to start being taken in the spring, … Continue reading

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Easter Buns

f you know my mom at all, you probably know she is one hell of a baker.  She usually makes dinner rolls for both sides of my extended family most every holiday.  So today I helped her form over 12 … Continue reading

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Sculpture for my Dad

Happy April Fool’s Day!  You’ll never guess what this sculpture I built last week is for… ou see, last week was my dad’s birthday and so I spent some time sculpting something that he has been requesting for several months. … Continue reading

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Heavy snow

he first seeds sprang up even as the tree boughs sagged under heavy March snow.  Check out the voluptuous seed-pod growing on the amaryllis stalk in the lower right corner.  Something must have fertilized it.

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First seeds planted

  ell, Minnesotans, I may you an apology… According to Murphy’s Law, it was probably my family who brought the big snow storm today by planting the first seeds for the garden this last weekend.   The plants that require the longest growing … Continue reading

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