Custom Products


I am pleased to offer my talents in creating custom ceramic award  plaques for your company or event.   Cost depends on the size of desired plaques and included a one time design fee of $50 for each project.


6 in x 6 in        $30 each

6 in x 8 in        $35 each

8 in x 8 in       $40 each

8 in x 10 in      $45 each

10 in by 10 in  $50 each

These beautiful hand-made ceramic plaques will last forever and come with a hanger carved into the back, ready to display on a wall.  Plaques take one month to create.


These ceramic bowls are hand-carved with names, dates, and imagery to celebrate the marriage of special people.   Small bowls (10 inch diameter) with simpler designs are roughly $100.  Medium bowls (14 inch) would be roughly $200 to $300.  And large bowls (20 inch) with elaborate designs can be $300 to $500.  Please allow a month and a half for the design and creation of the bowl.   Bowls with carved imagery like these can also commemorate baptisms, retirements, and other special occasions.


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